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To fly is a very special feeling which is difficult to compare to anything else. To feel the helicopter lift off and know it can take you anywhere is fantastic.

We will tailor your flight training

We are proud to be able to offer you the help of an experienced flight academy on your way to learning to fly a helicopter. The basic training will culminate in a PPL-licence, a Private Pilots Licence, which gives you the right to fly a helicopter for private use. As you gain more experience you can then continue studying for a CPL licence, Commercial Pilots Licence, and then work as a professional pilot if you wish.

The PPL-pilot training consists of approx 50 flying hours together with a teacher ledd theoretical part which takes place at Flygteoriskolan in Västerås, one of our partners. How you decide to plan the hours is entirely up to you. We will adapt the training to your needs accordingly, depending on the amount of time you would like to devote to the training and how quickly you would like to achieve your licence.

The most popular helicopter types on the market

Which type of helicopter would you like to learn to fly? We have the possibility to tailor your training for you to gain your licence on the most popular helicopter types currently available on the market: Bell 206 and R44. All our flying lessons originates in the northern part of Greater Stockholm.

Are you dreaming of learning to fly a helicopter?

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